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Fight Traffic Tickets

Welcome to Gerry McDougall Legal Services!

Let a former police officer help you fight your traffic ticket! We will protect your driving record against all traffic offences no matter how minor or serious. Our experts at Gerry McDougall Legal Services can provide you with all the information needed to save you from insurance increases, demerit points and possible driver's licence suspension.

We are located in Eastern Ontario and available to represent you if you live in the Brockville, Kingston, Perth, Ottawa, Cornwall, Morrisburg or Pembroke regions.


How We Can Help

Gerry McDougall Legal Services provides the most effective defense representation available.

Paying a traffic ticket fine automatically convicts you as being guilty to the charge.

Speeding, Careless Driving, Failure to Remain, Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Insurance, Driving While Under Suspension are common charges and can have very serious consequences for drivers who are unfortunate enough to be convicted.

Points can result in an administrative suspension or hearing to determine the length of your license suspension. Accumulating points also lead to higher insurance rates. Insurance rates can go up 1000% as the result of paying one traffic ticket fine.

Some violations and convitions cause mandatory license suspension and revocations.

We offer a free consultation where you can discuss the charges you are facing, the penalties available and the best defense strategy to suit your needs.

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